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Čo/What:          79th ANNUAL SLOVAK DAY / SLOVENSKÝ DEŇKedy/When:      Sunday,  JULY 16, 2017Kde/Where:      Croatian Club Karlovac, 1860 Thompson Road South, Milton, Ontario Organized by:   1st District Assembly of the Canadian Slovak League It...

More Express Entry points to candidates with siblings in Canada

Improvements to the Express Entry system taking effect tomorrow help support the integration of skilled workers as they build their new life in Canada. This benefits Canada as newcomers are...

Countdown to 79. Slovak Day

Preparations for the traditional upcoming 79th Slovak Day are in full swing for Sunday, July 16, 2017.

Consular Days in Calgary and Vancouver

NOTICE: There are still time slots available in Calgary on Wednesday, May 10, therefore you can come without an appointment.   Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Ottawa will visit again Calgary...

Changes in sponsoring parents and grandparents to Canada

The Government is changing the Parent and Grandparent Program that will improve access to the application process, given that the number of applications accepted for intake is limited. In order...

Mark Stolarik new CSL President

It is my great honour to announce that M. Mark Stolarik was appointed to the position of President on the Canadian Slovak League (CSL) by the Board of Directors, and...


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