Slovak day in Calgary

Slovaks from Calgary met on July 10 at the traditional Slovak Day in the beautiful provincial park Chain Lakes about 100 km south of the city. Everybody had a good time, from kids to seniors.

The main course was a superb Liptov goulash that everybody just loved, also because the whole preparation, including peeling of the potatos was done at the top professional level. And Majka and Frank Kilo could be the chefs in the most gourmet restaurants.

There were plenty of good Slovak drinks and the great Pear brandy would loosen even the most rigid joints.

And then came a downpour and thunderstorm which caused that Father Jack Bastigal could serve the "field" mass in the spacious kitchen. Eventually the rains subsided and the evening was concluded with a huge bonfire.

The event was organized by Branch 65 of the Canadian Slovak League.

Photo credit: Paul Carnogursky



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