Slovak bread and Langoše in Calgary

Calgary_200When a Slovak decides to see the World and chooses, for example, to move to Canada, he or she would soon experience a lack of the traditional Slovak specialties, such as cod salad, sheep cheese, a wider choice of sausages, mineral waters, salty rolls and many other delicacies. As for bread, typical Canadian and American breads have the consistency of cotton wool.

Therefore, Canadian Slovaks are always pleased when someone decides to open a Slovak restaurant, deli or other business where they can buy food that we are acustomed to from Slovakia.

Slovaks in Calgary are lucky that we have already two Slovak bakeries.

The latest is the European Deli & Bakery Malicher that Ján Lončík and his wife Jana opened this February on the
trendy street Kensington Road in the heart of Calgary. Although Lončíks are in Canada already thirteen years, they still well remember the great Slovak recipes. In addition to bread, cakes and excellent assortment of pastries, they serve a homemade soup and a great goulash stew.

But perhaps the best delicacy are great Langoš pancakes with which Mrs. Lončíková seduces the taste buds of regular Canadians who form a majority of their customers.

The address is 1411 Kensington Road NW in Calgary, phone 403-270 3948. For more information, see their website


Watermill Bakery is presenting itself as a traditional European bakery and was the first bakery where you can buy traditional Slovak rye or potato breads, bread rolls, including salty "rožky" and also a large selection of cakes and pastries. Jan and Sylvia Petrášek bake all products on the premisses, therefore, you will not find fresher products anywhere else. And they offer a great selection of European deli products, including mineral waters, but not from Slovakia.

The address is 114 - 5403 Crowchild Trail NW; phone is 403-450 4995. From Crowchild Trail take exit 53rd St. South and at the end at the T-junction turn left and then left again into the mall.

Watermill Bakery is now closed for holidays until July 15, but afterwards you shoul certainly visit the bakery, you will not regret.

Please shop in the Malicher deli or Watermill Bakery whenever you want to taste something Slovak. Active support of Slovak stores in Calgary will enable them to expand the range of delicacies imported from Slovakia.

Text and photos: Palo Čarnogurský


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