Slovak flag in Prague


Prague is visited by thousands of tourists from Slovakia and from Canada. I was quite surprised when only a few streets from the famous Orloj Astronomical Clock, on an imposing building was a large Slovak flag. Could the Slovak Embassy be right in the tourist centre of Prague?

The sign on the building reads: The Slovak Institute. When you go inside, you'll find lots of information about Slovakia, about our culture, and many notices about the upcoming exhibitions of Slovak artists and many other events.

Mr. Vladimir Valovič, Director explained that the Slovak Institute is a showcase of Slovakia's culture and society in the Czech capital. And interest in the Czech Republic about Slovakia is still very great.

In the representative Blue Hall you can attend evenings of Slovak prose, poetry, music, theater, film, talks with famous Slovak personalities from the arts, history or politics; or participate in various presentations of pragmatic nature that make you discover Slovakia as a country of unparallel opportunities for exploring its tourist domains and other charms.

In the Gallery of the Slovak Institute are held regular exhibitions of especially contemporary visual arts, stage design, photography, architecture or design.

Slovak Institute is operated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic, the address is Jilská 450, Prague 1, and details are on the website

Ministry of Foreign Affairs has set up similar Slovak Institutes in Vienna, Budapest, Warsaw, Paris, Rome, Berlin and Moscow. Hopefully, one day will such presentable showcase for Slovakia also open in Canada.

When your travels take you to Prague, or to another European capital mentioned in the above paragraph, do not forget to stop at the Slovak Institute, you'll find there a really nice and representative piece of Slovakia.

Paul Carnogursky,
Black Diamond, Alberta



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