Catherines are best celebrated in Calgary

Katarinska_200Canada is in one tradition much poorer than Slovakia. They don't celebrate name-days here. Perhaps with the exception of Patrick or Nicholas, but in their cases you would have to be a Saint, so the vast majority of us would not qualify.

This gap between the social traditions of two countries Slovaks in Calgary bridge at least once a year, in late November, when they properly celebrate all  Catherines, Catharines, Cathys, Kathys, Katarínas, and Katky.

This year's celebration was held on November 26, for the 37th consecutive year. Tickets were hopelesly sold out weeks before the party. The Catherines Party in  Calgary was founded by Paul Siska in honor of his young daughter. In recent years, Katarína Šišková, President of the Slovak Club in Calgary, successfully hosts the event.

Excellent entertainment with fantastic traditional food, great music by DJ Juraj Jaroš, valuable raffle, and a bar well-equipped with Slovak drinks kept the crowd of 200 dancing until two in the morning.

At the party also performed for the first time the newly-formed Slovak folk group Slnečnica (Sunflower).

If you are a Catherine and in your town the don`t celebrates your name day you, come next November to Calgary and you will see how well are Cathys appreciated in our city.

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