Little Sunshine kids welcome Santa in Calgary

Sv._Mikulas_200_Children always eagerly await Santa for centuries. They rejoice at the gifts, although some may be afraid of receiving a chunk of coal instead. This year, children from Calgary had a gift for St.Nicholas. A wonderful program.

Children meeting Santa Claus is an annual tradition for the Slovaks in Calgary. There were sixty to receive this year a generous gift, and no one got a piece of coal from the Devil, because they were all good throughout the year. And for the first time Slovak children prepared a gift for St. Nicholas.

Barely half a year ago, several parents founded the children group Slniečko - Little Sun, in which they cultivate children to love their traditions and keep them together. On Saturday, December 3rd, they could show what they have learned not only to those present in the audience but also to the Santa Claus himself.

So, instead of a long narrative, click on aby image below to see how it all went.

Meeting with St. Nicholas was organized by the Slovak Club in Calgary.



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