In Calgary Slovak flag flies for the 20th time

Zastava_200For 20 years on every New Year's Day the Slovak flag flies at the City hall in Calgary, reminding this city about the anniversary of the founding of the Slovak Republic. Although after New Year's Eve parties only a handful of enthusiasts manage to get up before the sunrise, the point is that the tradition is maintained.

Palo Šiška started the tradition on January 1st, 1993, and after he moved to British Columbia, Palo Beňovský took responsibility for getting the permit, deliver the flag to the City Hall and close all other formalities. In his speech in front of a Christmas tree inside the lobby of the City Hall Mr. Beňovský reviewed the 20-year development and the contributions of the Slovak Republic at home and abroad.

Security guard then unlocked the Mast of honour on which the city of Calgary hoists flags on special occasions. On the New Year Day it is the Slovak flag.

Residents of Calgary, when they saw our flag raised at one of the city's main thoroughfare, at the first thought that the Slovaks have beaten Canada in hockey again. TV broadcasts from the Juniors World Championship are broadcast here in the middle of the night, and few were watching. Well we hope that the next time they will do it, too, and we will have a double celebration.

After the ceremony, the participants met for breakfast at a major hotel in downtown Calgary.

Happy 20th birthday, Slovak Republic.

Text and photos: Paul Carnogursky


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