Mega Meet in Calgary

Mega 200About 2,500 Slovaks call Calgary home. Most are young people with starting families and young children, who are fully engaged at work, so they don't have much time left for community meetings. And traditional banquets, parties and events are rarely suitable for the whole family.

Organization Life in Calgary, led by Miki Somos and other volunteers and sponsors have decided this year to organize an informal get-together where everyone could just enjoy themselves. The only point on the agenda was "Come and have a good time."

The second annual Mega Meet-Up took place in the Sunny Side Community Centre and the entire facility was rented for the Mega Meeting. The organizers prepared an excellent goulash, children munched on hot dogs so they could regain energy after crawling in the Jumping castle and in the children's playroom. Adults could play indoor soccer and then recharge at the bar where traditional Slovak drinks and beers were available. A live band provided great entertainment and dance music, thus Slovaks, Czechs and all other nationalities who attended could feel like at home.

Young people also meet every first Wednesday of the month from 7 to 9 p.m. at Melrose Cafe and Bar, at the Cowboys Casino, 421-12 Avenue SE in Calgary, so if you are in Calgary and crave for a good beer, chicken wings and a pleasant company, you know where to go. Details are at the website or on the group's Facebook.

Text and photos: Paul Carnogursky


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