Slovak school in Calgary

SKschool 200There are many young Slovak families In Calgary, whose children have no opportunity to learn Slovak. From now on, such problem is no more. For the first time in the history of the Slovak community in Calgary we have a Slovak school where children can for two hours every Saturday learn to read, write, count and play with their peers in Slovak. This project is an initiative of Dr. Eva Hadzima whose children speak fluent Slovak, but were embarrassed when visiting Slovakia, because they could not read or write in that language.

Organizing and registration of the school required a lot of hard work and handling, but on September 12 everything was completed and the school could open. Thanks also for a great support from the Slovak Embassy in Ottawa and H.E. Ambassador Andrej Droba who personally attended the opening and in his baggage brought 120 kg of textbooks, books and school supplies. Very valuable is the donation of textbooks and other educational publications from Matica slovenská. Thus the teachers Marianna Slatkovská and Blanka Smekalová could welcome their first 12 students. The youngest is four and a half years old and the oldest 30.

Children were eagerly awaiting the opening, which took place in style after a ribbon cutting ceremony. Everyone could wish the school a great success by toasting with children champagne and good desserts. Honorary Consul of the Slovak Republic in Calgary, Richard Wolfli, also praised the much-needed initiative and promised his full support.

Kids and the 30-year old then went to work, first painting on white T-shirts their ideas for a school uniform, as every solid school should have a catchy uniform. Then the students sat in a circle and learned their first Slovak words and phrases when introducing themselves.

Slovaks have collaborated on the project with the Czech community in order to streamline classromm costs and facilities. Czech children have their school from 9 to 10:30 a.m.

Slovak school is on Saturdays from 10:50 a.m. till 12:30 p.m., near downtown Calgary, in the Ukrainian Youth Association building, 405- 9 Ave NE. All details and information can be found at school's website

Sign up your children or grandchildren, they will attend an excellent school where they will not only learn a lot but also have fun and get to know new friends.

Paul Carnogursky


Tento článok môžete čítať v slovenčine ak si kliknete na slovenskú zástavu v pravom hornom rohu.



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