Mega Meet-up to support school

Mega16  200The January Mega Meet-up in Calgary also promoted a good thing this year: the Slovak school, and visitors from the Czech community could similarly support the Czech school, as both schools enable children, as well as older people, to learn or improve their mother tongue. The main source of fundraising was the sale of pastries, cakes, as well as books and food, so everyone had a choice from the best Czech and Slovak delicatessen and could help both Slovak and Czech schools to prosper.

After so many extra calories one needed a little exercise, and there is no more effective way than a good football match for the adults, and the Jumping Castle for the children.

Mega Meet-up is already in its third year organized by Real estate broker Miki Somos who, along with other organizers, is trying to create friendly events where people and families can have a great fun and get the opportunity to maintain contacts with friends from both communities. And every year a great attendance confirms that the effort is well worth.

To enroll children in the Slovak school for the spring semester, all details can be found on

Text and photos: Palo Čarnogurský


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