School end and Children Day in Calgary

MDD 200

It's end of June and children are eagerly awaiting for the school year to end and start well deserved summer holidays.

In the Slovak School in Calgary, the last class was on Saturday, June 18. Actually, there was no class, just a friendly get-together for two hours of singing, playing and having good time. Then those present received their diplomas from teachers Blanka Smekalova and Marianna Slatkovsky and everybody said 'Good bye until September'. Most student will go to Slovakia this summer so they will have a great time to practice what they have learned.

In the afternoon Slovak school organized Children day for all Slovak and Czech children in Calgary. And they had lots of fun. In the spacious grounds of the Upland Rectreation Centre there were many games, plays and treats waiting for them. The winners, and all were winners, received a huge chocolate medal which most children couldn't resist to eat right there.

The star of the afternoon was a 17 kg live turtle Speedo, who in her 14th year of life (and they live to about 80 years) fit right in with the schoolchildren.

It was a great afternoon that everybody has enjoyed.

Paul Carnogursky


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