Children and Fairy Tales

Rozpravky 200Children and fairy tales is the most beautiful combination that always fits together wonderfully. Slovak children in Canada had a great opportunity to not only hear original Slovak fairy tales, but hear them from the mouth of a writer who created them.

Slovak writer Petra Nagy Džerengová published several successful novels for women, but children know her stories about a pre-school child Klara. Klára and a ghost, Klára and igloos, Klára and Tity, in each of these books we experience joys and worries of a little girl with a vivid imagination.

Petra Nagy Džerengová visited Canada in October, and in several cities read her fairy tales to children. It was the same in Calgary, where she met with students and teachers of the Slovak school in Calgary. Both children and adults had an unforgettable experience.

Our Thanks go to the Slovak school, Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Canada, Ambassador Andrej Droba, and to the novelist Petra for this beautiful and unique event.

Photos: Veronika Čarnogurská


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