Katarínska party in Calgary

Disco 200It's November, Catherines celebrate their name day, and nowhere they have more fun doing it than in Calgary. CSL Branch 65 and other groups organize the Katarínská party for 43 years already. The 200 tickets sold out in record two days, a month before the party. Excellent atmosphere, "our" gourmet food and drinks and good music are the magnet that attracts all, year after year.

Local Slovak Folk Ensemble Slnečnica (Sunflower) put on a great after dinner show, with which they perfectly represent Slovak culture across Alberta.

Chef Pavel Hebelka and his assistants had to start preparing the meals more than 24 hours before the party, to ensure that everyone would have plenty, because at Katarínská party no one follows a diet. An advantage in Alberta is that all liquor stores are private and can order anything from anywhere in the world, so some could supply imported Slovak drinks for the bar, ranging from Slovak rum, plum and pear brandies to excellent Slovak beer.

Most of those present were young people who are very proud of our Slovak traditions, and having a great fun is one of them. Combined with excellent DJ music that included the latest hits from Slovakia, everyone partied well into the early morning.

P. Čarnogurský


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