Slovak flag at New Year's day in Calgary

1Zastava           A group of Slovaks from Calgary commemorated the 26th anniversary of the independence of the Slovak Republic by raising the Slovak flag on the Flagpole of honor at Calgary City Hall. As required by the city's rules, the ceremony must start at sunrise so that the flag will fly in the center of this Canadian metropolis for the whole day.

Organizer Palo Beňovsky in his short speech appreciated the importance of Slovakia's independence also for Slovaks living abroad, and expressed concern as well as optimism on how some serious problems, which must be faced not only by the Slovak Republic but also by the whole of Europe, will get resolved this year.

The local branch of the Canadian Slovak League bought a new flag for the 26th anniversary, which Fero Kilo baptized with an original Bošácka plum brandy. And then the security guard unlocked the honorary flagpole, and to the sound of the Slovak anthem, the flag displayed the symbol and colors of Slovakia in sun's morning rays. On this New Year's Day, the city of Calgary became a little bit Slovak again.

Text and photos: Paul Čarnogurský


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