Ottawa picnic spirit not dampened by rain

kids200_A heavy rainfall cut down the attendance at Ottawa's annual Slovak picnic this year, but not the spirit of those who attended.

Actually, the real deluge was not at the picnic site, but around the city of Ottawa itself.  It discouraged many people from driving the 80 kilometres to the farm where the Belloni family hosts the event.  Those who got there found the rain had passed, and only a few sprinkles returned by the end of the day.

Ambassador Milan Kollar was among those who made it to the farm. And so did Andrej Stolarik, who as an expert fujara musician entertained the proceedings.

The attendees even had the pleasure of welcoming someone completely new to Ottawa.  Richard Pazur, his wife Sophie, and their three children have just moved here from Windsor to fulfill his job with the Department of National Defense.  He helped everyone celebrate  by providing a 30-year-old bottle of original Slovak slivovice.  His grandmother brought it to Canada. He is a third-generation Canadian, perfect in English, French and Slovak. The French is useful since his wife came from France.

Other than the drinks, the adults indulged in the usual large quantities of traditional Slovak foods, and corn cooked by the Belloni sons over an open campfire. Since the farm is quite wild, children found dozens of ways to make physical use of the paths through trees, flowers, and hills, as well as watching a flock of hummingbirds that hostess Jacka Belloni feeds as much as she feeds her guests.

A voluntary donation to cover the costs also raised $100 for Kanadsky Slovak.

Photos and text: Jan George Frajkor

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