When you hear the angel voices

BBC 200When the angels sing, the audience becomes speechless. But this is just a plain deception. Anyone who observes from the background, sees the audience melodically moving their heads, savoring the delight of angelic voices that unfortunately, will in not too distant future lose that special charm. But life goes on, boys become young men and new singers will take their place. New "children" whose tender voices will re-enchant the audience again and again.
Bratislava Boys Choir visited Canada for the first time several years ago. Years later, on Saturday September 14, 2013, we welcomed again some of them, or possibly their followers, and had the opportunity to hear them in St. Mary's Church in Nobleton, near Toronto. Other concerts were in Montreal and Ottawa.
When they started singing, the time stood still... It looked as if someone with a magic wand froze the audience. Bratislava Boys Choir enchanted all with their singing, their total focus and professionalism of their performance. Those who still wear children clothes and those a bit older, transferred the place into an oasis of calm in which daytime fatigue and exhaustion is completely removed from everybody's shoulders.
Our gratitude also belongs to Magdalena Rovňáková, the Conductor, solo singer Miriam Garajová, which added to the program, and to piano accompanist Dany Hajóssyová. The evening was MC'd by charming Ivana Rovňáková. The bright beauty of St. Mary 's Church captivated those who were there for the first time. Furthermore, the Superior of the temple, as well as the Deacon are of Slovak origin.
To those who organized this great performance, our many thanks. After all they've prepared a gift of emotive national art interweaved with Slovak national tunes, which culminated at the end with everybody joining-in and singing.
When they heard angelic voices, the audience became speechless. And this feeling grew stronger when we reminded ourselves that these songs are sung by children who came to us from the place which many call "home".
Text: jb, Photo: George Frajkor


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