Ottawa Celebrates and Toasts to 'Fasiangy’

Mardi Gras 200An important aspect of being a Slovak living abroad is maintaining the sense of belonging to our home culture and honouring the traditions that make us proud of and connected to our roots. January and February in Central Europe is a time of winter balls and masquerade parties. Ottawa's Slovak community understands the importance of sustaining these customs even across the ocean from where they first originated and has once again – for the sixth time in a row – brought to life the celebrations of Fasiangy, the period between Three Wise Men Day (January 6) after Christmas and Ash Wednesday before Easter.

On February 7th, 2015 over 160 guests took refuge from the chill of yet another one of Ottawa's infamous winters and gathered at St. Anthony's Soccer Club Hall for a fun-filled evening of delicious food, energetic dancing, glittery masks, and nice prizes.

His Excellency, the new Slovak Ambassador, Mr. Andrej Droba with his wife Daniela joined their fellow countrymen on this special evening and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It seems that the word of our annual Fasiangy Dinner and Dance has been spreading outside of the Slovak community circles. A group of ten friends from the area of Manor Park sat at Table #16 and in an interview for the Slovak Spectrum TV programme admitted to having found out about the event online, shared their positive feedback of the soiree, and expressed an interest in returning next year.

On behalf of the organizing team, a big hearty 'thank you' goes to all who attended the event. We always appreciate your continuous support of this festive soiree and sincerely look forward to seeing you in February 2016.

Let's now toast to more new friendships and pleasant encounters, a brisk end to this year's winter, a speedy arrival of spring, and a truly prosperous year for all! May you all have a ball!

Text: Maria Habanikova, Photos: Tibor Dej


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