Images and Illusions

 P.P.2 200On May 29th, 2015 Pauline Matkova-Portelance – a Canadian of Slovak origin residing in Ottawa – had her artistic work inaugurated during yet another lovely soiree at the Slovak Embassy.

Strong ties to Slovakia clearly resonate through her artwork and reflect the talent she has inherited from her Slovak roots. Her grandparents come from the Orava region in the northern part of Slovakia and it is through painting and creating that Pauline chooses to express her appreciation of her Slovak heritage. She dedicated 'Images and Illusions' to her mother and the memory of her artistic accomplishments. "This is a very sentimental and emotional moment for me for many reasons," said the artist herself.

Over the years Pauline, has experimented with several media including acrylic, plaster and oils, but also paper, wood, and eggshells. Pauline's paintings are inspired by nature, the beauty of Slovakia's landscape and scenery. She also draws inspiration from photographs. What a wonderful job she did bringing to life the photograph of Mrs. Dej standing in the snow under an umbrella.

Accompanied by the music of her husband's live jazz band, the exhibit was a great success with many attendees who left the event rejoiced and enriched.

Thank you, Pauline and much artistic energy and drive for the future!

Maria Habanikova
Photo : Tibor Dej


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