Slovaks in St. Catharines roll-up their sleeves

Sleeves 200Many people may think that going to a meeting would be boring. Wrong. Not when it is a Branch meeting of the Canadian Slovak League. Annual Branch meetings are special occasions where we get finally together, especially after such a long and brutal winter as all of Canada experienced this year.

And no meeting is successful without some great Slovak food. Members and volunteers from Branch 31 in St. Catharines have already rolled-up their sleeves to prepare some delicious cabbage rolls and other delicatessen for a meal after the meeting on Sunday, April 6.

So, if you are a member, you will surely attend. If you are not, why not join the Canadian Slovak League? The yearly membership is only ten dollars. And you get much more than meetings. You will become a member of the Canadian Slovak family.

The Branch 31 meeting, followed by a supper, starts on Sunday at 3 p.m. and will take place at Holy Rosary Hall, 35 Queen Street South in Thorold, Ontario. (Thorold borders on St.Catharines)

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Photos: Steve Reistetter


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