125 Years of Jednota

Jenota125 200When someone reaches 125 years of age and is still vibrant with life like a 25 year old, they deserve our honour and respect. Many political and technical changes take place over 125 years and not every day is beautiful and sunny.

JEDNOTA – the First Catholic Slovak Union operating in Canada and the USA celebrated the 125th anniversary of its founding. When Štefan Furdek became the president of this organization in 1890, he probably could only dream that this insurance provider and fraternal society benefitting immigrant Slovaks and their families would live to such a respectable old age and continue to fulfil its goals on the North American continent.

Region 8 of the First Catholic Slovak Union, composed of the Monsignor Michael Shuba District and Branch 785, prepared on August 23, 2015 a worthy celebration of this anniversary. The event began with a morning mass in the Church of Sts. Cyril and Methodius in Mississauga. The festivities then continued with an afternoon cruise on the ship Enterprise 2000 on Lake Ontario.

The Slovak flag flew from the stern of the ship owned by Canadian Slovaks while inside the live band DD played Slovak numbers and Slovak beer was imbibed; a truly Slovak atmosphere prevailed. The weather more than co-operated, allowing guests from the USA as well as Canada to enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of Toronto from the deck of the ship. The joy shared by all participants is testimony to the job well done by those who provided a helping hand to make this wonderful feast a reality.

Officials of the branch, Miloš Mitro and Mike Kapitán took an active part in every stage of the celebration. When the ship finally returned to port and words of parting were being expressed, their faces radiated satisfaction and happiness.

Happy Birthday, JEDNOTA. Congratulations and all the best in the many years to come.

Julo Behul

Photos: Paul Stacho (STACHOphoto)

Internet page of Jednota is http://www.fcsu.com and the archive of their bi-weekly newspaper Jednota - Union is at http://www.fcsu.com/newspaper-archive-2


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