Slovak Christmas tree won at the Museum of Civilization in Ottawa

News release from the Canadian Museum of Civilization:

Gatineau, Quebec, January 13, 2011: The first edition of the *Festive Trees Decorating Challenge* presented at the Canadian Museum of Civilization (CMC) was a great success. Over 9 000 people came to admire 18 trees imaginatively decorated by as many local organizations.

Visitors were invited to vote for their favourite tree, among all the trees displayed along the Special Exhibitions Corridor at the CMC, from November 30th, 2010 until January 9, 2011. The Canadian Slovak League is the winner of this first annual activity, having won 24% of the votes. The organization will be invited to participate again in the activity in 2011, and to decorate an even larger tree.

Eighteen organizations were selected to decorate a 2.5-metre tree in a way that expressed their identity, as well as the way in which they want to be viewed by the world. The group included a wide range of local interests, representing arts, sports, health and cultural groups.

Canadian Museum of Civilization Corporation