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Welcome in Slovak Canada

64,150 residents of Canada declared in the 2006 Census their Slovak heritage. You will find us throughout Canada, only in the Nunavut Territory there weren’t any Slovaks, but it is quite possible that some have moved there since.

Our distribution througout Canada is as follows

Canada 64,150
Newfoundland and Labrador 75
Prince Edward Island 25
Nova Scotia                                   375
New Brunswick                      240
Quebec                                   4,075
Montreal                                  3,345
Ontario                                   36,255
Toronto                                    11,775
Hamilton                                   3,110
Thunder Bay                             2,660
Windsor                                  2,600
St. Catharines-Niagara             2,570
Ottawa-Gatineau                      2,055
Oshawa                                   930
Manitoba 2,285
Winnipeg                                 1,860
Saskatchewan 1,185
Alberta 9,890
Calgary                                   3,845
Edmonton                                 2,670
British Columbia 9,620
Vancouver                                5,700
Yukon 55
Northwest Territories 70
Nunavut 0

1 – Source: Statistics Canada, 2006 Census, Data Products, Ethnic Origin, Single and Multiple Responses

Most of us feel at home in Canada, we have founded our associations, organizations, clubs, built churches, halls and community centres, we have our members in the Federal Parliament and Provincial legislations, Slovak Canadians are teaching at Universities, hold important positions in many leading Corporations, institutions and Research centres, we include famous artists and athletes, simply we are truly present in the whole diversity of the most successful country – Canada.

These web pages want to let you know us better and make you feel welcome in our communities. We invite and ask you to provide us with information about your community, send us photographs and announcements, introduce the organizations and events in your area, as well as let us know about the Slovak-owned businesses and services in your city, which contribute to the overall success of Slovaks in Canada.

Thank you in advance.

Kanadský Slovák / The Canadian Slovak and Canadian Slovak League

Contributed: P. Carnogursky