Come to Canada

Spring is just around the corner and soon The Canadian Slovak will register an increased interest for information about travelling to and working in Canada.

Kanadský Slovák cannot provide detailed information about non-tourist travel to Canada, because it is a very formal process, best to be followed "first hand". Our newspaper does not have the necessary expertise in this area, therefore, it is best to follow instructions given by Canadian embassies and consulates around the world, which is also available at Government of Canada websites, such as

Citizenship and Immigration Canada has created a new interactive website where you can determine your chances of coming to Canada to study, work or immigrate and get an estimate how long this process will take in your particular circumstances.

An interactive wizard "Come to Canada" is at this link:

Another option for people under 35 is to take advantage of an agreement between Canada and Slovakia on Youth mobility, which we wrote about on this website last year (click on the Section "News" as that report is no longer among the 10 latest that are automatically headlined on the Home page). The agreement enables young people to visit and work in Canada for up to one year.

To search for a job on the open market is best through websites of individual companies in the area of your qualification and work experience, or on general job-searching websites such as or

The most important skill for tour success in Canada is an excellent knowledge of English, or, if you plan to stay in Quebec, the French language.

In every major city in Canada there is an active Slovak community, so when you are successful and arrive in Canada, you and your family will quickly feel at home here.

Paul Carnogursky
voluntary administrator