Old or Young? 70 Wonderful Years of Kanadský Slovák

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell who is old and who is young.

The way many young people think makes them appear older than they actually are, and vice versa. The same could be said about newspapers.

Which category could the Canadian Slovak be put into then? The old or the young?

According to the calendar, the Canadian Slovak celebrates its 70th birthday this year. Only a few decades ago a septaugenerian used to be perceived as a dignified elderly person who sits on a bench in front of his house, gives out wise and time-proven advice and, in general, refuses to accept any novelties which simply don’t match his advanced age. This, however, is not the case with Canadian Slovak. Despite its rich experiences and its “grey hair” here and there, it certainly does not sit motionless in a rocking-chair like an old granddad with a vacant stare.

Throughout its existence, the Canadian Slovak has experienced both sunny and rainy days; it has walked rocky paths as well as
lanes paved with marble stone and lined with roses.

Should the Canadian Slovak be judged as a human being it would have all the rights to enjoy its peaceful days of  retirement.

In reality, however, the Canadian Slovak still lives its active life and, in spite of rumors, even prospers. The North American continent gave birth to a few periodicals which shot upwards like a shooting star and then faded into oblivion. The Canadian Slovak does not want to boast about its long history; what really matters is the loyalty of its readers, the numerous prizes it was been awarded by expert organizations from Canada and the Slovak Republic, and the fact that it represents a link between Canadian Slovaks and citizens of their original homeland of Slovakia, as well as Slovaks living in other countries all over the world.

In other words, the Canadian Slovak doesn’t sit around but runs forward at full speed. It has managed to preserve its high standard, its youthful spirit and a creative energy thanks to his avid readers of all generations. That is why its 70th anniversary is not only its own celebration; it is a celebration for everyone who has been looking forward to every new issue of the newspaper.

Julo Behul

You can view the 70th Anniversary issue at this link (in pdf format): 70th Anniversary Issue