Countdown to 79. Slovak Day

Preparations for the traditional upcoming 79th Slovak Day are in full swing. The organizers and members of the 1st District Branch of the Canadian Slovak League met at their annual meeting in Thorold, Ontario, in the hall of the Church of St. Rosen. After checking the financial records and statements of the chairwoman Emilia Bohunicka, who opened and ran the meeting. The main topic was the administration of last year's Slovak Day, the election of the committee for 2017, and the preparation and organization of the 79th Slovak Day. The venue and format of this one of the oldest and most popular Slovaks' events in Canada will remain the same. It will be held in the Karlovac Croatian Park, 1860 Thompson Rd. S. in Milton, Ontario on Sunday, July 16, 2017. It will commence with a Roman Catholic mass, as is our our tradition.

79 Slovak DayNew Committee of the 1. The District Branch is (see photo from left): Chairperson Emilia Bohunicka, Vice-Chairperson and Recording Secretary Alicia Woodhouse
Second row from left is Chair of the Audit Committee Dave Woodhouse, Auditor Alena Knizat, Secretary Nicky Bohunicky, Auditor Christine Dzugan, and Treasurer Alex Woodhouse.

Work in the 1st District Assembly, which is formed by members of CSL Branch 31 in St.Catharines, Branch 34 in Kitchener, and Branch 23 in Welland is done by Volunteers. To the detriment of our Slovak community is that our busy life style, family considerations and an overall approach to our Slovak culture and heritage in Canada is becoming different. It is not easy to organize and prepare the course of such a big event as is the Slovak Day. It solely depends on some inquisitive, devoted and willing to sacrifice members of our Slovak community to step-up and engage in this work, serving as a good example to others, especially young Slovaks living in Southern Ontario. The reward is the satisfaction of a successful event, a meeting with friends in a cool environment, mutual encouragement to national pride, and love for our native roots.

Agnes Belošičová