Christmas Party of Montreal Branch 2

The annual CSL Christmas party in Montreal was almost a standing room only of more than 140 people for its members and guests with more than two dozen youth present and participating in the festivities.

CSL President Mary Ann Doucette was also present to make the CSL Scholarship Award to Veronica Lalli, winner in the College category.
Members and volunteers, notably Betty Valenta, Martha Fuskova, Adele Lasanik, Br. 2 president Lydia Matusky provided all with dinner of traditional chicken soup with noodles, barbecued chicken, home-made cabbage rolls and gravied potatoes, with cole slaw and then layered chocolate covered cake as dessert.
Bea Janurova organized, wrote and directed the cast of the Christmas play put on at the Br. 2 Christmas party.


MtlBr2Christmas09_01.jpg:  CSl President Mary Ann Doucette awarding Veronica Lalli the CSL $1000 College Prize. Br. 2 President Lydia Matusky on the right

MtlBr2Christmas09_02.jpg:  Veronica Lalli thanking CSL and Branch presidents for the award

MtlBr2Christmas09_03.jpg:  Decorated Christmas gingerbreads and other goodies, made by Eva Štohl, on sale at the party

MtlBr2Christmas09_04.jpg:  Anne Vyboch and friends singing Slovak carols

MtlBr2Christmas09_05.jpg:  Young Christopher Noga providing entertainment playing and singing Christmas carols

MtlBr2Christmas09_06.jpg: Scene from play highlighting with the Br. 2 youth

MtlBr2Christmas09_07.jpg: Up and coming future branch 2 performers

MtlBr2Christmas09_08.jpg: Another scene from the play

MtlBr2Christmas09_09.jpg: A third scene from the play

MtlBr2Christmas09_10.jpg:  Bea Janurova responding to the audience while thanking the cast for their dedication and hard work.