71st Slovak Day in Montreal

SD2014 200Throughout Canada the Canadian Slovak League (CSL) organizes annually in the summer Slovak days, where the Slovaks and their friends come together to share with friends their joys and their sorrows. This year is no exception in Montreal, the CSL Branch 2, organized the 71st Slovak Day – Picnic on Sunday, August 3rd in the beautiful Slovenian Garden in St. Lazare west of Montreal. Many people came to participate in this event. A typical Slovak lunch, goulash, schnitzel with potato salad, debrecinky sausage and hot dogs, was prepared by the younger generation of CSL members. Men played a football match, volleyball lovers played volleyball and others enjoyed the swimming pool. Throughout the afternoon John Chlumsky entertained us with Slovak music and songs which added to the festive atmosphere and some people even danced. The response of many present was that everyone had a good time. That the Slovak Day in Montreal was a successful event is due to leadership of the CSL Branch 2 in Montreal and the dedicated volunteers. We thank them for a pleasantly spent afternoon and look forward to next year.

Text: Marta Fuska, photos: Teresia Buxar a Irenej Kianicka