Daniela Arendášová awarded by Québec government

01 Arendas

We all know that in every city, county or country, there are some extraordinary people. The most popular among them often are athletes and artists who represent the colors of their club or culture of their country.

With their victories and works, they make the state visible, and people are deeply proud of their abilities and talents. Extremely capable and talented people leave a permanent record in history and leave a message of inspiration for generations to come.

Our Slovak community in Montreál also has some very important and rare people among them. These undoubtedly include Mrs. Daniela Arendášová.

Her name is well known to many of our readers, but for those who know her less, I would like to highlight some important moments from her rich Curriculum Vitae.

Danka started her sports career in modern gymnastics and as a multiple champion of Slovakia and a member of the national team, she successfully represented Slovakia and Czechoslovakia at many national and international competitions. After completing her studies at the Academy of Performing Arts in the field of choreography of ballet, she combined her sporting and artistic skills and worked as a trainer and choreographer at the top sports center in Bratislava.

She emigrated to Canada with her husband and two young children more than 30 years ago.

After arriving in Montreal, she started working in the Club of modern gymnastics. At the following Canadian Championships, the excellent results of students she was coaching did impress the experts and Daniela was offered to work at the National Circus School in Montreál. It was a new, unexplored area for her, but a tempting offer.

During her four-year career as a teacher at the NCS and working closely with the world-famous Cirque du Soleil, she won several major awards in circus art. Subsequently, she was offered a position as a pedagogical director at the NCS, where she is to this day. Under her leadership, the NCS has evolved into one of the most important international circus institution.

As a director of the institution, she created several study, secondary and collegial programs, programs for professional artists and circus art teachers. Today, she is a renowned expert in the field of circus art and pedagogy and active in many Québec and international associations.

Her long-standing love for modern gymnastics is still intensive. Danka is a recognized world referee and represents Canada in the top competitions such as World Cup, Commonwealth Games, PanAmerican Games.

Tough and honest work from the very beginning of Danka's career has yielded the desired fruits. On May 27, Daniela Arendášová was appointed by the Council of Arts and Culture of Québec with the title Compagne des arts et des lettres and was awarded this highest honor for building and developing culture in Québec, as the only Slovak in the history of Canada. Just for the sake of interest, the same award was given at the same time to the famous singer Céline Dion. What else to say ...

Equally active and enthusiastic, Danka has been involved in the organization of the annual Canadian Slovak Professional & Business Association (CSPBA) scholarship ball in Montreál for many years, where she also works as a member of the scholarship committee.

Our Slovak community in Montreál is rightly proud to have such a rare and very modest person as Danka.

We are honored today, on behalf of all Slovaks in Montreál, to give Danka for everything she has done for us, but mainly because she makes not only the Montreal Slovaks, but also our little Slovakia visible in the big wide World, our modest but sincere "THANK YOU".

Danka, let both your children and your four adorable grandchildren be your worthy successors. May they reflect the greatness of your spirit.


Photos: Alexandre Claude and M. Arendas