Slovak History in Sarnia

Slovak community in Sarnia has long and proud tradition.

Peter Molcan send us two historical photographs from the Soltys family archive. Can you see yourself or can you recognize your parents or grandparents on the photographs in the enclosed photogallery?

Next set of pictures provides historical snapshots of the Gaborko's family.

Other historical photos can be found in Mr. Stefan Janicek's document "Family histories of the Slovak settlement in Lambdon and surrounding counties, 1900 - 1987"

Please read other fascinating histories of new settlers from families Halmo, Kulich, Lucan and Rudavsky as well as the story of "The Matuscin family's First Year in Canada" written by then 13-year old John Matuscin. Just click on each name below to read the documents.

Rudavsky Matuscin Halmo Lucan Families

History of the Lucan Family was written by Margaret (Lucan) Opthof (the original document does not list the author).

And for us to learn more about the history of Slovaks around Sarnia, please write a story and send us more pictures or even videos.

Click on the pictures below to see the full view.