'Kraska': Proud tradition of Slovak Days

sarah walker 200Every year the Slovak Days are a wonderful gathering of friends and all people wanting to celebrate Slovak traditions, taste excellent food, have a drink or two, watch cultural shows, and children playing games.

Another great tradition is for young people to enter a contest for Kraska - a beauty Queen or Prince who will represent Slovak community at multicultural events and festivals in their region. The contestans are proud, well accomplished young Slovak Canadians who want to step-up to the challenge to be the good will ambassadors for our community, a visible face of Canadian Slovaks among all Canadians.

At the 78th Slovak Day on July 17 in Milton, ON, one of the contestants for the Kraska title will be Sarah Wakler. We want to present her to you and let all of us to be proud of our young generation.

St. Catharines Branch 31 of the Canadian Slovak League is proud to have Sarah Walker as their princess for Slovak Day and as their ambassador at various multicultural events throughtout the year. Sarah is eighteen years old and currently pursuing studies in Photography at Fanshawe College in London Ontario.

sarah walkerSarah was an Honour Roll student at Thorold Secondary School from the years 2012-2015 and she aims to someday open a photography studio and work alongside important members of the community. She has been involved with the Slovak Club as a volunteer for five years and has assisted in several of the Open Houses and other events within the club. Sarah also helps to promote the core values of our Slovak culture by taking part in family events as well as being positive, helpful and respectful in everyday life.