Film MODRA has great success in Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver

Modra_200The most acclaimed Slovak - Canadian feature film MODRA, directed by Ingrid Veninger, had a great success at theatres in Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver. People lined-up to see the feature film in large-screen theatres.

At the VANCITY theatre in Vancouver, where MODRA was very well received, among the large audience were several Slovaks who talked to and took pictures after the presentation with Director's Veninger mother.

Vancouver's leading daily, The Vancouver Sun, published a great review that you can read at this link:

In Ottawa, we spotted among the audience Andrea Fabusova and Jana Hanzel (who designed the winning tree at the Museum of Civilization), His Excellency Milan Kollar, Ambassador of the Slovak Republic, and his lovely wife Sanja, Ernie Bies, Tom Mc Sorley, Executive Director of the Canadian Film Institute and Sheila Nelles, Alexander Gammal's grandmother.

But the biggest star was the leading actor, Alexander Gammal who won the Best Canadian Actor title in 2010. Everyone wanted to snap a picture with him. The Q & A session with Alexander Gammal, who played Leco, was very interesting as he gave a good perspective on making the film in Slovakia in the company of Ingrid Veninger and her family. Afterwards, the Slovak Embassy hosted a reception to promote Slovakia.

And in Toronto the crowds lined-up early at the theatre to see the film and after to get a chance meet Director Ingrid Veninger and the leading actress Hallie Switzer. More on this success later.

Photo credits: Rudy Bies in Toronto, Mary Ann Doucette in Ottawa and Paul Carnogursky in Vancouver

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