Slovak Canadian Heritage Museum

Muzeum_200When you drive to Toronto through Oshawa do not forget to stop at the Slovak Canadian Heritage Museum that found its permanent home at 485 Ritson Road, fittingly across the street from the Slovak Church (Bysantine Right).

The museum began with Expo '67 in Montreal where ethnic groups wanted to show off their culture at pavilions on the Expo site and it was a great tourist draw.

The Slovak historic artifacts gathered over the years were then displayed in the Heritahe room at the Slovak Catherdral of Transfiguration in Markham. In 2003, The Markham Museum invited to showcase the display at their historic-recreation site, and was housed for many years at the Stickler House.

And finally, the Museum found a permanent home in Oshawa, a city with long and proud history for Slovaks in Canada. SCHM is formally recognized as a Canadian Museum and its exhibits will be displayed by invitation at several "big" museums across Canada.

Museums President and Curator, Margaret Dvorsky has accomplished a tremendeous achievement for the Slovak community in Canada and you will feel proud of the many artifacts at display that will show you, your children and grandchildren the full scope of our heritage.

Photos: Paul Carnogursky

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