Slovak Bazaar in Toronto

Bazaar_200Slovaks in Canada do not have it easy as far as their culinary needs go. In Slovakia, you can get eny delicatessen in every city or village, while in Canada you can buy them only at special events. One of those are the traditional Bazaars that most Slovak Parishes or some organization traditionally hold before Christmas.

Bazaars are held to help financially support the Parish or organization, as most of the work is done by volunteers and the profits from the sales go to the Parish or organization. This is how Slovak communities survive and even thrive in Canada for so many decades. It is great that the most popular recipes are passed on from generetions to generations, so the taste and quality is as good as if they were prepared by your mother or grandma.


How are such Bazaars becoming a reality? Long before, there is a call for volunteers and the week before the Bazaar is when the real hard work starts.

We have lots of great photos from one of the largest Slovak Bazaars in Toronto. Every year Sts. Cyril and Methodius Parish in Mississauga has Christmas Bazaar and this year was no different, except there were less people volunteering their time. Yet the event was a success and the whole week before the Bazaar there were lots of activities in the Parish's kitchen in preparation for the Sunday Sale.   

It was nice to see so many young people getting involved and it is hoped that they continue volunteer their time.

It is also great that so many people came to buy the products so that at the end everything was sold, giving assurances that the Slovak Bazaars will continue well into the future.

Text and photos: Helen von Friedl