Sing along at Sts. Cyril and Method

singalong_200Sts. Cyril and Method Parish in Mississauga held their annual sing-a-long event on Saturday, Jan 19, 2013, organized by Dusan Dorich, Stefan Slovak, Jr. and Peter Repka. The turn out was great with around 140 people participating. The music was lead by Miro Letko. The cooks were Peter Repka, I. Vacval and Mark Popik, with support of Zita Belzar, Helen Panov and Katka Baros with family, who prepared a fantastic meal consisting of: ham, hurky, sausage, souerkraut, potatoes and sweets with coffee. The atmosphere was great from the beginniing to the end. Musicians went from table to table, singing the most favourite songs for people at each table. There was plenty of young people too, ranging from age 2 to 91. Dancing was during the singing, which was led by Mr. Mitros and followed by others. The entertainment continued into the long hours of the night.

Text and photos: Helen von Friedl