From Toronto's 75th Slovak Day

SD_200The 75th SLOVAK DAY is a special milestone in Canadian Slovak League – 1st District Assembly’s history and turned out to be a resounding success. Not many communities can boast of such longevity and attendance. The weather was perfect and the atmosphere was full of friendship and camaraderie. Many Slovak flags were seen throughout the park and the colours white, blue and red prevailed.

A special THANK-YOU to all those who attended and those who participated in putting on the wonderful program for the day. Heartfelt thanks to the many dedicated volunteers who gave of their time and cheerfully worked throughout the day to make it enjoyable for everyone.

Emilie Bohunicky, President, Canadian Slovak League - 1st District Assembly

Hot summer day, cold drinks, hundreds of huggings, great performances of children and young people with sweaty foreheads, but with those most beautiful smiles.

This was the day of the Slovaks in Milton, Ontario, near Toronto and we can say that was a great success. The temperature (with moisture) jumped to nearly 40 deg. C, but a gentle breeze in the trees mitigated the heat. And even if not ... in this part of Canada just a week before witnessed a historic storm with flooding, and in the back of our minds we could still remember winter blizzards, therefore, such a hot day was godsend.

Somewhere in books published half a century ago were the words "field Mass". On that Sunday it was held in a crowded hall and summer's natural environment added to this devotion a peculiar charm.

Slovak double cross was seen on T-shirts, caps, headbands, flags, but was found also tattooed on an arm. The ice cream truck rung its bell, Slovak Golden Pheasant beer was perfectly chilled and there was no end to cheerful greetings with those who we see only once in a "blue moon". Already before lunch there were few hundred cars in the parking lot, indicating that the attendance may exceed the expectations of the organizers.

In the afternoon, visitors enjoyed program which featured different age groups of the Vychodna Slovak Dancers folk ensemble, and music and singing variations of Miro Letka and his friends. The event greeted the Ambassador of the Slovak Republic, Canada J. E. Milan Kollar and his wife, as well as the Honorary Consul of the Slovak Republic in Toronto Michael Martinček with his wife. The First District Branch of the CSL had the right to be proud. Any such event needs a strong guiding hand, a kind of conductor. Emilie Bohunicky was here and everyehere, checked, organized, thanked. Here and a whole team of volunteers deserve our sincere gratitude and thanks.

Photos: Helen von Friedl Text: Julius Behul