St. Nicholas in Toronto and Calgary

Mikulas15 200On December 6th kids and members of the Byzantine Catholic Slovak Cathedral of the Nativity of the Mother of God in Toronto were visited by St. Nicholas. Kids were very joyous to see St. Nicholas and were not disappointed as they all received presents and chocolates and also were served their favourite lunch. Many thanks to St. Nicholas for his visit.

St. Nicolas then had to get on the sled and fly 2,718 km west to Calgary where Slovak kids were patiently waiting. He made it right on time, as always, and had a present for everybody. All kids were very good for the whole year, therefore, no coal was dispensed. Children from the dance group Slniečko expressed their Thank you with wonderful dances.

And then St. Nicholas had to rush to other waiting kids all over the World.

From Toronto reported and took pictures Helen von Friedl, and from Calgary Dr. Eva Hadzimova