Pre-Christmas Bazaar

01a bazar 2017Christmas is a special season for all groups and communities. It brings us all together and the Canadian Slovaks want to celebrate this wonderful holiday in our own special way. Slovaks have their own Christmas traditions and delicacies that are sometimes difficult to recreate in Canada - not everybody has the special knowledge and skills, and many great recipes of our patrents and grandparents remain only in our distant childhood memories.

That's when the Bazaars come in. All Slovak parishes, societies and clubs organize them before Christmas. For most Slovak Canadians, it is the only place where one can find oblátky, hurky, special pastries, decorations, and many other items that are dear to our heart.

To organize a successful bazaar requires a lot of effort, plenty of good will and dedication, and many hours of hard work.

At the Sts. Cyril and Methodius Parish in Mississauga, Canada's largest Slovak Parish, there are many volunteers who have what it takes. As you can see in our photogallery below, these hard working volunteers contributed to another successful church bazaar.  Many thanks to all those that spent many long hours in organizing the event, worked and gave their time to a good cause.

A Very Merry Christmas to all!

Text and photos: Helen von Friedl

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