Meetings of CSL Branches

2016 Welland 200Many branches of the Canadian Slovak League hold their Annual meetings at the beginning of the year, when the members review past activities, propose program for the upcoming year, and elect the Branch leadership.

On Feb 14, 2016, CSL Branch 23 of Welland held their annual membership meeting. This year's elected executive committee is - Front Row: Mary Danylko, Recording Secretary; Christine Dzugan, President; Margita Galat, Secretary. Back Row: Luke Dzugan, Treasurer; Melissa Kamendy, Vice President; Stefan Kamendy, Auditor; Ann Csele, Auditor; Paul Vyrostko, Chairperson of Audit Committee

Also Branch 65 in Calgary met after the Slovak Mass in February, and the 2016 executive committee has the following members (from left to right): Paul Benovsky, Auditor, Fero Kilo, Vice President, Janka Carnogurska, Recording Secretary, Maria Kilo, Auditor, Jan Carnogursky, President, Father Jack Bastigal, Veronika Carnogurska, Treasurer, Ludivit Zanzotto, Chairman of the Audit committee, Paul Carnogursky, Secretary, Pen Que, Auditor

Please send us photos from your Branch meetings and then see you at the 33rd Convention of the CSL in St. Catharines.

Christine Dzugan and Paul Carnogursky