Ottawa children enjoy annual Slovak picnic

Castle_200The annual Den deti picnic in Ottawa was a lot earlier this year than usual, and the weather was cooler and more humid than we expect for summer. But the children had a lot to do, and enjoyed it as they usually do. After all, that is who it is for.

The League was not able to book a June date at the spacious and popular Britannia Park this year, but decided to go ahead with late May rather than move to any other location. And was rewarded with the usual enthusiastic response from volunteers and contributors eager to make the children busy, active and happy – and connected to their Slovak heritage.

There seemed to be more games and activities this year than in the past, and a broader range in ages  –  all the way from newborns to teen-agers. The contributions of toys for kids to examine and take what they wanted actually seemed bigger than previous years. And more food  stuffs were contributed than the crowed of adults and children could even consume.

As usual, the main part of the free meal was Slovak sausages, grilled expertly  by Pauline Portelance and Alena Beckerova-Rososhchova. The children apparently loved the part of the program introduced last year, which was building a castle out of old cardboard boxes, then covering it with paper and painting it. Adults who were not supervising  enjoyed the usual swapping of gossip and discussion of future activities.

The League wishes to thank the following people who volunteered their ideas, their time and their physical strength to make the day a success:

Food preparation: Pauline Portelance, Alena Beckerova-Rososhchova
Collecting donations:  Mrs. Jan Luzarova
Supervising games and activities:  Hana Koziakova, Eva Plesnikova, Jana Plesnikova, Emilia Dzimkova, Zdenka Prodaj, Janka Babiakova, Milan Babiak
Organization and Television coverage: Anne Ladouceur

Text and photos: Jan George Frajkor


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