Slovak Artist exhibiting in Ottawa and New York

cvacho_200The  Slovak Embassy in Canada produced a delightfully different display of talent as part of its continuing series of exhibitions showing us Slovak cultural geniuses at work. It was called the ‘Labyrinth of Life’ artwork show by Igor Cvacho, who has been in museums and art houses in Europe and other parts of the world. After two weeks in Ottawa at the Embassy,  it moves on to New York – his first visits to the Americas.


Cvacho uses so many different art techniques that you can’t call the works ‘paintings’. And his outlook on life is so broad he seems to express images and sounds about the past, the present and the future.

Sounds? Yes. He has written his own music, his own words to songs, and has recorded and sold two CD albums. The audience at his opening were surprised and delighted that before he introduced his art, he slung a guitar around his shoulder and sang  three of his  own original songs, in Slovak. No one could ever remember attending an an art exhibit that featured the art of music as well.

His works, however, do indicate his interest. A few memorialize modern rock stars like John Lennon  and Jimmy Hendrix (which will no doubt be popular in New York). Some honor classic musicians, like Tchaikovsky. The others are stylized philosophical and ancient-historical presentations that stimulate deep thinking about our lives. All use advanced modern art styles.  Some use techniques such as ‘drypoint’ that are unfamiliar to most people. Some look like permanently-scanned ‘çollage’copies of newspaper stories.

Igor Cvacho seems certain to become one of our best-known Slovak artists and  . . .who knows . . . maybe one of our best song-writing singers as well.

Text and photos: Ján (George) Frajkor