32nd Convention of the CSL

32._Konvencia-200Canadian Slovak League was founded more than 80 years ago. From a fraternal community support insurance organization it was eventually transformed into a socio-cultural community organization, which, trough a network of local branches, is active right across Canada.

Every three years the CSL holds a Convention where the delegates from each branch chart the priorities and activities for the next three years, and elect the new Leadership of the organization.

The 32nd Convention elected Mary Ann Doucette from Branch 23 in Ottawa for the third term as the President. Paul Carnogursky from Branch 65 in Calgary was elected Vice President, Marta Fuska from Branch 2 in Montreal was reelected as Secretary, Christine Dzugan from the largest Branch 23 in Welland was elected Treasurer, Jan George Frajkor from Branch 63 in Ottawa remains the Recording Secretary, Paul Vyrostko from Branch 23 in Welland is the Chair of the Audit Committee, and Daniel Sulan and Helen von Friedl from Branch 7 in Toronto were elected members of the Audit Committee.

Convention has established the priorities and activities for the next term that will be published in Kanadský Slovák newspaper.

Last year was also the 70th Anniversry of the founding of Kanadský Slovák, with Julius Behul continuing as its Editor-in-Chief.

Because the date of the Convention is set beforehand, the three festive occasions and anniversaries were capped by a great Gala evening in the Delta Ottawa City Center hotel. Many greetings were read from the political, municipal and institutional leaders in Canada, and the Ambassador of the Slovak Republic in Canada, His Excellency Milan Kollar, read in his keynote address also the greetings from the President, Prime Minister and other Government and institutional leaders in Slovakia, including the Office for the Slovaks Living Abroad, and the Matica Slovenská.

The Gala, with sumptuous dinner and a cultural programme continued well past midnight with the dance and entertainment by a great music by Tempo.

Text: Paul Carnogursky, Photos: Tibor Dej and Paul Carnogursky