New generations involved in Slovak culture

deti200Ottawa recently ran its annual Deň detí, (Children's Day picnic), which has gone on for so many years most of us have forgotten when it started.

It had to be earlier at its usual site in Britannia park than the usual June because of bookings, so we were unfortunate that the late May weather was rather cold and windy. Nevertheless, there were plenty of the usual things – various games to be played, things to be built, and toys and books to be taken home free. Toys, books, and much of the food available for adults and young people were contributed by the generosity of Slovaks. The idea is to make sure all kids from all family classes are recognized, and all get the same opportunities.

Dr. Metod Likavcan, a well-known Ottawa artist and former doctor, helped out as chief cook with sausages and other goods contributed to the picnic for adults and children. As it turned out, not only the Slovaks enjoyed the day. A large cloud of seagulls clearly caught on to the possibility of enjoying Slovak sausages, bread, cakes and veggies and occupied the roofs of the Park table-buildings. They also gave some of our children a chance to chase them around while also tossing them food.

One nice thing for the kids at den Deti is that they get known on Ottawa's own Slovak TV program Slovak Spectrum.

Congratulations are due to all those who collected things brought to the part and worked to keep events running smoothly. Adriana Galan and Alena Beckerova-Rosochova were the principal organizers.

Text and photos: George Frajkor