Homelands Mass

Ottawa Slovaks prominent in multicultural Mass

Archbishop Terrence Prendergast of Ottawa got a warm welcome on February 22, 2009 from the Slovak community at the celebration of the annual Homelands Mass, which commemorates the fact that the Catholic region belongs to all the people of the world.

Slovaks had 41 worshippers wearing our traditional costume ‘kroj’ – one of the largest delegations we have ever sent to the Notre-Dame Basilica Cathedral. Our group led the procession and occupied the front pews. In addition to that, many other Slovaks not in costume were there to attend the Mass.

Archbishop Prendergast said that he was astonished that so many Slovaks were present, considering that Italians, Chinese, and many other ethno-cultural groups outnumber them in Ottawa. The multicultural aspect of Canada was evident even within the Slovak delegation. Spouses of Slovaks who are of English, French, Chinese and other origins came with their children wearing traditional Slovak costumes and proudly represented their adopted Slovak community.

Jan George Frajkor, Ottawa