The story behind the winning tree

This story is in the pictures below:

01 Tre story begins with the ladies who did the decorating - Andrea Fabusova and Zora Menhartova admire their final work.
02  Andre Fabusova and Jana Hanzel, who did the design and decorating work of the winning tree, enjoy their victory.
03 The Bethlehem ... cooked and assembled by Zora Menhartova . . . stood proudly at the base of the winning tree.
04 The tree decorations were gladly contributed by members of the Slovak community in Ottawa.  They included mednovničky, lacework angels and animals,  straw figures, and fruits.
05 One of the 9,000 people who voted for the trees admires the Slovak tree that won the vote as the most popular of 18 entrants.
06 It was a tough choice for visitors to the museum choosing from among the lovely trees entered by many different ethnic, social, sports and cultural groups.
07 Jana Hanzel,  one of the team who decorated the tree, shows off some of the many medovničky that made Museum visitors name it the "cookie tree".
08 Slovaks in Ottawa (and one from Montreal) gave much more traditional material to the cause than could even be used.
09 Working with other beautiful trees around her inspired Andrea Fabusova to make the Slovak tree even more beautiful.  And wait until you see what happens next year.
10 This was the first year the Museum ran a display of Christmas trees. It promises a bigger event with taller trees in 2011.

Kanadský Slovák congratulates Ottawa Slovaks and Branch 63 of the Canadian Slovak League on their superb effort and a sweet victory!



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