Mother’s Day Performance by Ottawa’s Slovak School Children

Den_matiek_2011_200Mother’s day is a day to honor all our mothers with words of love and praise. Some sons and daughters shop for gifts; others make home-made crafts or a delicious breakfast in bed. But the Ottawa Slovak school teachers and children have an additional gift to give.They learn their lines, prepare stage props and coordinate acting positions for the annual Slovak School play at the Hyacinth Church.

On May 8th, children of all ages performed. The older ones melted our hearts with their hard efforts to speak Slovak as best they could, while the younger ones gave our smiles a workout with one word liners and confidence larger than their own size. Cameras were continuously clicking and flashing. As a spectator, I was thoroughly entertained and I realized that these children are their mothers' greatest gift. After the performance, there was plenty of cake, coffee and juice for everyone. The children were free to play and laugh while the adults chatted. The camera was still rolling and our reporter interviewed the children, asking about their roles in the play and what they would like to tell their mom’s on mother’s day.

From the stage equipment, to the play content, to the photography and videotaping, to the cake and coffee... thank you to all the volunteers who made this special day happen.

Barbora Dej
Co-chair, Special Events and Youth Activities Committee Canadian Slovak League, Ottawa Branch

Photos: Tibor Dej




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